Leeper Consulting Services

Leeper Consulting Services LLC is a national provider of customized disability management consulting services to insurance carriers, third party administrators and employers. LCS provides claim operation reviews, claim audits and training/development offerings with a straight forward focus.... Improve client satisfaction and performance.


Experience Matters....

A powerful combination of experience, skills and expertise allows LCS to provide clients 

with innovative, practical and effective solutions. LCS understands that each client has 

unique needs and goals. As a result, LCS partners with the client to understand those needs and to provide client focused customized services.


Success Counts....

At LCS, experience matters and success counts. Measures of client success include:


  • Client implemented LCS recommendations.
  • Improved process and organizational efficiency.
  • Enhanced risk management skills.
  • Satisfied and returning customers.....In fact, LCS has clients that have been with LCS since it was founded in 2006.


Leeper Consulting Services

113 Wood Road

Gorham, Maine 04038